The ‘Happy’ Leader: Want profit, high employee morale and loyal customers? Find a way to get happy!

The virtue of happiness is usually relegated to the self-help industry.  Yet, compelling research shows leaders need to get serious about their own happiness as the emotion greatly influences business.

Happy people earn larger incomes and are more productive at work. Yet happiness is not the byproduct but actually may be the cause for success, according to research conducted by Sonja Lyubomirsky at the University of California-Davis. A positive outlook on life and inner happiness appears to precede good fortune.

How Storytelling Leaders Create Customer Engagement

Stories are and always have been a powerful medium, a dramatic and compelling way for people to pass along experiences.  Stories make facts, or at least our perceptions of them, come alive. Stories such as when someone in our network describes in exacting detail the service she received at a restaurant or with a bank, often makes us want to try the service  or stay far away from the provider. The power of the customer told and re-told story can spread like wildfire via 140 characters on twitter, a viral video on YouTube or the click of a mouse to launch a campaign for or against a brand or a business.