“I’d like to thank you again for the energy and stimulation you have
brought to us as an organization. Your take on innovation was a good fit…and you had a very direct and yet charming way and in doing so, incidentally also helped us map out the path to a larger market share for us as a corporation.”
F. Schmidt, Medtronic

“Thank you so much for coming to Stanford to talk in our Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders seminar. It was fabulous! I have also talked with many students and they said it was the most interesting event they have ever attended. Please let me know if I can be helpful in any way.”
—T. Seelig, Stanford Technology Ventures Program

“She is the leading expert on Abraham Maslow’s theories of self-actualization and the workplace. Without her support, I’m not sure I would have started scaling this peak.”
—Chip Conley, Founder and CEO of Joi de Vivre Hospitality, California’s largest boutique hotel company

“Your sessions at The Professional and Business Women’s Conference of California, the largest gathering of professional women in the West are dynamic, interactive and among the top rated at our conferences. Thank you for your extraordinary contributions to our success over the years.”
—R. Stergiou, Executive Director, Professional Business Women of California

“Your participation resulted in the best conference outcomes we’ve ever had. It’s a hard act to follow in planning for next year! J. Scanlon,
—Kaiser Permanente

“Dynamic, inspiring, enlightening and the messages you left are still being talked about today. Thank you for making our Leadership Program one of the best we have ever done.”
—California State University-Chico

“She is a master storyteller with lessons that make you stop and think about the way you lead your business and your life.”
—NAWBO-Silicon Valley Chapter

“Deborah Stephens was amazing! Thanks for the inspiration and the best event I’ve ever attended. Her message is too important not to share.”
—National Organization Women In Business Conference

Thought Leaders on Deborah’s work:

“…Most important and most enduring book. It had a lasting impact on me.”
— Peter Drucker

“…An excellent compilation of seminal thoughts on management and organization comes like a timely gift from heaven. The values and principles taught decades ago are even more relevant today…”
—Stephens Covey, author The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

“The profound concept of self-actualization and work could generate a Copernican Revolution of work and society, catapulting us out of what future generations will look back on as the dark ages of management.”
—Jim Collins, Author, Built To Last

“What a welcome source of inspiration and insight”
—Linda Ellerbee, Journalist, award winning television producer

“These are stories of individual strength to transform shock, despair and paralysis into sheer will and guts. It is the innate resources we have to climb out of the abyss and into a new life with unexpected happiness.”
—Amy Tan, best selling author, The Joy Luck Club

“Tools to help you move to the other side of whatever obstacle might confront you. It will give you courage.”
—Anne Robinson, Founder Windham Hill Records

“I laughed and cried but always felt uplifted!”
—Jessica McClintock, CEO Jessica McClintock Inc.