Speaking Topics

Leadership, Change Management

The Art and Science of Leading an Inspired, Engaged, and Innovative Team: In the Board room, on the front line or in the corporate cubicle, the best leaders are remarkably similar. In this presentation, Deborah gives five lessons for building an inspired team. She explores:

  • The role of values and trust in team development;
  • The effect of corporate culture on high performing teams;
  • Why creativity and innovation stem from the ‘soft skills’ of leadership;
  • The three choices great leaders make

Ten Timeless Leadership Lessons: Drawing on the hundreds of interviews she has conducted with leaders from a wide variety of industries, Deborah introduces audiences to the ten timeless lessons of leadership that anyone can acquire and develop. Applying these lessons can help to:

  • Understand what motivates people and what inhibits motivation in the workplace
  • Realize the power of the environment and its effect on everything from product development, innovation, employee engagement, retention, and the very brand of the organization
  • Recognize the inherent resistance to change efforts and how to manage them

The Courage To Lead: Managing Odds, Overcoming Adversity, and Building Inspired Teams: Today’s world requires that employees take risk, change course, innovate, and create in a ‘champ to chump’ timeframe. Drawing from her work with entrepreneurs and political leaders, Deborah demonstrates that the best leaders develop and use courage as a way to:

  • Overcome adversity and manage risk
  • Ignite employee engagement
  • Build brand loyalty
  • Become an “entrepreneur of people”
  • Capture the hearts and minds of customers
  • Improve the culture of the organization

Customer Service

Measuring Grumbles: Turning Complaints Into Customer Loyalty, Employee Engagement, Innovation and Sales: It’s counterintuitive, its provocative, and its unforgettable. In this presentation Deborah shows how to use complaints and mistakes as a powerful tool for business prosperity. She provides a lens for:

  • Framing complaints from customers and employees as an avenue for breakthrough innovation, higher levels of motivation, and brand loyalty
  • Illuminating the value and the inherent power of a great mistake
  • Compelling case studies of great success that often come disguised as a ‘dumb idea’

Wearing Red High Heels In A Winged Tipped World: Understanding The Female Consumer And Building Loyal Relationships with The Largest Buying Pool in the World

From DVD’s to diapers, flat screen TVs to cars, health insurance plans to bank accounts, women consumers decide who gets a share of the family wallet. Deborah has been educating executives about the ‘woman factor’ for over 25 years. In this presentation she answers the age old question ‘What do women want’ with corporate answers that spark results:

  • Understanding her world: Relationship and community building strategies and tactics
  • Product development and design that captures the hearts and wallets of the female consumer
  • Emerging technologies that open pathways to women consumers
  • Why every company needs a woman strategy

Work/Life Balance

This Is Not The Life I Ordered: 10 Ways To Thrive When Work and Life Collide

Work/life balance ranks high in surveys on employee engagement and retention. Deborah interviewed over 400 executives on issues of life and work and family. Taking lessons from her best selling book, This Is Not The Life I Ordered: 50 Ways To Keep Your Head Above Water When Life Keeps Dragging You Down, she gives 10 Ways to Thrive when work and life collide, urging executives to:

  • Re-think “Having It All Thinking”
  • Create A “To Don’t” List in Place of The “To Do’s”
  • Replace complaining with solutions
  • “Chill Frequently” For Mind, Body, Spirit